What is Digestate?

Digestate is a substance produced during the anaerobic digestion process. Anaerobic digestion (AD) provides an excellent source of renewable energy, but the leftover organic matter can also be put to use. After food scraps and other materials are placed into contained vessels, digestate is produced in liquid form. This may seem similar to the compost process, but composting requires oxygen, whereas anaerobic digestion does not. The leftovers produced by AD are filled with important nutrients and microbes, and they are especially beneficial for farms.

The Benefits of Digestate

The quality of digestate is largely determined by the quality of your feedstock. However, all digestate contains more nutrients than untreated organic waste. Digestate can be used for a variety of purposes, and re-using this material also supports the environment. Some advantages of utilizing digestate are:

  • Encouraging healthy plant growth. During the AD process, nutrients are mineralized. This triggers improved plant uptake compared to standard waste.
  • Spreading onto land as a fertilizer. One of the key uses of digestate is the production of fertilizer. By using organic matter as fertilizer, you can encourage a balanced nutrient cycle on your farm.
  • Reducing odor on farms. If you work on a farm, you know that foul odors can quickly become a problem. The far-reaching stench may even cause complaints from your local community. By processing and using digestate, you can put this waste to work rather than letting it sit around.

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What is Digestate
  • It is considered a soil conditioner. Digestate is so beneficial for soil that it’s referred to as a conditioner. When used on land, it has been proven to boost soil structure and support healthy bacteria. Therefore, the application of digestate is an excellent way to promote healthy soil on farms.
  • Mixed waste digestate can limit crop and plant diseases. Soil-borne, crop and plant diseases can be a major challenge for farmers. Fortunately, digestate has been shown to reduce the chance of these diseases.

What Else is Formed During Anaerobic Digestion?

Anaerobic digestion also creates a renewable energy source called biogas. The process consists of three basic steps:

  1. Bacteria convert animal and plant matter into simple molecules
  2. Simple molecules are transformed into organic acids
  3. Organic acids become biogas (methane and carbon dioxide)

At IREA, we help preserve the future by providing businesses with fantastic renewable energy solutions. If you want to turn waste into energy and digestate on your farm, we can help you reach this goal. Discover the benefits of anaerobic digestion by contacting us today! Our representatives would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Reasons to Invest in Anaerobic Digestion Systems

At IREA, we’ve been building systems for anaerobic digestion for over a decade. We’ve collaborated with companies of all types to produce renewable matter like digestate. On Fodderwing Farm and Elceed Farm, for instance, we designed two state-of-the-art anaerobic digestion systems. In addition to preventing waste accumulation and nutrient runoff, these systems generated electricity and heat.

Are you interested in learning more about how anaerobic digestion can benefit your business? Here are a few reasons why you should consider taking advantage of this process: 

  • Generate Diverse Farm Revenue
  • Boost Rural Economic Growth
  • Conserve Agricultural Land
  • Limit Energy Dependence
  • Spread Awareness About Renewable Energy
  • And More!

How Can IREA Help My Farm Produce Digestate Using Anaerobic Digestion?

At IREA, we’re dedicated to assisting business owners by providing them with access to renewable solutions. If you’re interested in producing digestate on your farm, we’ve got you covered. When you partner with us for your AD projects, we’ll take the following steps to ensure you’re 100% satisfied:

  1. One-on-one Consultation. We’ll sit down with you to discuss the renewable energy options that are best suited to your business needs.
  2. Review Plan. After you decide what system would work best for you, we’ll walk you through the installation process and answer all of your questions.
  3. Installation. Our installers are highly experienced, and they’ve completed many anaerobic digestion projects for clients. We’ll install your AD system with care and give you all the information you’ll need moving forward. We will also tell you about our industry-leading warranty.

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Partner with IREA to Learn More about Digestate and Anaerobic Digestion

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