Proven Professionals

IREA and its partners, Standard Energy Solutions (SES), and Sustainable You, have over a decade of experience in the solar and renewable energy industry in the DMV region. Our expert advisors offer one-on-one consultations to guide you through all details of solar – from understanding your electricity bill and system design to installation. Each system is custom designed with only tier one products for your long-term energy needs, and all systems receive an industry-leading warranty.

Solar Makes Financial Sense

Residential solar installations have grown exponentially in the DMV region over the past decade due to decreased material cost, technology upgrades and climate change awareness, coupled with the formation of federal, state and local incentives. We have reached a point where renewable solar energy is now the most cost-effective way to generate electricity for homeowners in the DMV. Essentially, we now have the choice to pay less for clean energy versus paying more for dirty energy.

Why Now?

Federal, state and local solar energy incentives will not always be available and historically decrease over time, as solar becomes more widely adopted. These incentives have helped make solar energy the cheapest form of energy in many regions. Homeowners that switch today stand to benefit the most before incentives go away and the electrical grid becomes more constrained, which may limit the number of solar installations in some markets.

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